Doctor Black prefers seeing patients in person to posing for pictures

Elizabeth L. Black, MD

Elizabeth Black, MD, brings a wealth of training and experience to her leadership role at Blue Mountain Family Health in Clarkston, Washington. Under her guidance, the Blue Mountain Family Health team has helped thousands of patients move beyond managing symptoms to achieving improved health and wellness.

After earning a medical degree with distinction in biomedical ethics from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York City, Dr. Black refined her skills and knowledge during an internship in a large metropolitan medical center.

As a recipient of an Armed Forces Medical Scholarship, she left the internship to serve her country overseas as an emergency physician with the United States Air Force. She then returned to her hometown in a rural area of New York State to complete her Family Medicine specialty training.

Dr.Black’s breadth of experience provides her with a unique perspective that helps her connect with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Dr. Black takes the time to get to know the patients in her care, to understand their history and background, their lives and their families. She feels that health care is a vital tool to help patients live their fullest possible life.

Understanding her patient’s lives helps Dr. Black develop and shape their health care goals to suit the lives they choose to live. Find out why so many patients recommend their friends and family to Dr. Black and her team at Blue Mountain Family. Schedule a consultation to meet Dr. Black, and learn more about her approach to personalized care.